XMAX – Winter Pack


The contents of this pack will be delivered in one box

Winter Pack Contains:

Grip Heater 120 – yme-f2960-00-00 – Grips with built-in heater to replace standard unit grips. 

Heated Grips Connector Cable – b74-h253l-00-00 – Cable for easy connection of Yamaha heated grips. 

YEC Indicator Panel 150 – yme-yecip-15-00 – The indicator provides a clear view of the charge condition of your Yamaha’s battery. 

YEC-9 Battery Charger – yme-yec09-uk-00 – 6-step charger that can charge the battery of your Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SMB and/or marine products. 

Apron – b74-f47l0-00-00 – Water-resistant cover to keep you as warm and dry as possible during rainy and cold weather conditions. 

Please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery

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Dimensions1000 cm


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