Red Effect Wheel Cleaning Spray

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RED EFFECT is the NEXT GENERATION of wheel cleaner.
You look at your wheels, and you see that they are so bad, they could make an onion cry.
Previously, you could choose between spending hours cleaning them, or simply buy new wheels!
Now… you have RED EFFECT, a powerful solution that is not aggressive to your rims.
RED EFFECT is the culmination of months of work as it went from concept to reality in our production facility in France.

RED EFFECT is not only a detergent that removes dirt but leaves stubborn deposits from the brakes.
RED EFFECT is not only a ‘fallout’ remover that removes brake deposits but leaves dirt…
RED EFFECT is both!!
How do you use it?
Spray RED EFFECT onto your wheels and brakes, wait a couple of minutes and enjoy the therapy of the solution turning red as it lifts contaminants from the surface.
Then rinse off and give them a quick buff with a microfibre cloth.
Finally, stand back and admire the outstanding results
Thanks to its neutral pH level (non-caustic and non-acidic), RED EFFECT guarantees you total safety for your wheels.
-Effective and safe for all types of wheels: polished alloy, aluminium & anodised surfaces.
-Powerful cleaning action with a pristine finish.
-Effective on metal dust and rust too.

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