Quad Lock QLA-UNI-3 Universal Adaptor


The Quad Lock Universal Adaptor can be adhered directly to most smartphones or cases and is compatible with all Quad Lock Mounts. It provides a simple way to add Quad Lock functionality to almost any device using a strong 3M™ VHB adhesive*.

  • Compatible with Quad Lock Mounts
  • 60 (Length) x 48 (width) x 4.5mm (thickness)
  • 3M™ VHB adhesive
  • Durable and tough composite construction
  • Slim profile at only 4.5mm thick
  • Adheres to flat and slightly curved surfaces

*The 3M™ VHB adhesive will adhere to smooth, non textured, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal. It will NOT adhere to rubber, silicon, TPU or soft touch coatings. Please ensure the application surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the adaptor. The 3M™ VHB adhesive is a single use adhesive, it is NOT re-usable.

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