Öhlins Cartridge Kit Race – NIX 22 USD


The Öhlins NIX 22 USD cartridge kit comes directly from experience gained in the World Supersport 300 championship. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a World Championship title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. This cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort. The kit has a unique NIX design with compression damping and pre-load adjustment on the left leg, rebound damping and pre-load adjustment on the right leg, while all adjustments are easily made at the top cap.

  • Easy to change settings for individual preferences, based on the setting bank
  • External rebound, compression, and spring preload adjusters
  • Wide range of spring rates available
  • Easy installation
  • For racetrack usage only

This cartridge kit is developed for racing only and should only be used on the racetrack.

2021 YZF-R3 World GP 60th Anniversary

Please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery

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