Lightweight Lithium Battery Replaces YTZ14S



Cold Cranking Amps:290A


  • Ultra Light up 80% weight saving
  • Lithium iron phosphate and graphite construction
  • Built in LED indicator to test battery
  • Quick charge, charges up to 75% in just 6 minutes.
  • Same shape and size as OEM battery so simple to fit
  • Terminals are always the same shape and orientation as OEM.
  • More powerful motorcycle starts reliably and faster
  • Long service life approximately 2000 charge cycles
  • Mount in any orientation will mount sideways or even upside down

As a technology already embraced in the mobile phone, computer and power tool industry, lithium power cells are slowly beginning to replace traditional lead-acid batteries in high performance automotive applications.

Shido produce high quality lithium-ion batteries which are a direct replacement for many motorcycle applications. They offer a massive weight saving when compared to a lead-acid battery, up to 80% which can be a saving of 5kg in certain applications.

All Shido batteries feature the same size, shape and terminal position as the lead-acid battery they are designed to replace for a quick and easy application. They can be mounted in any position so provide a perfect application to special builds.

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