DID Chain & Sprocket Kit


D.I.D is one of the leading brands in chain and sprockets, with some of the leading manufactures racing teams using D.I.D and also throughout the motorcycle industry. With increased rigidity, bowing and warping are avoided increasing smoother handling and quicker response with reduced power loss. 40% greater wear resistance and 50% reduced power loss from reduced friction between the side plates thanks to D.I.D’s Patented ‘X’-ring.

A D.I.D chain does this by instead of squashing the ‘X’-ring it twists between the side plates. The torsional motion is more efficient in keeping a better seal around the internal grease, which is the most effective way in reducing chain wear.

The DID Upgrade Chain & Sprocket Kit includes either JT or PowerRite front & rear sprockets (standard gearing), and an uprated over standard chain.


Suzuki GSXR1000 K9-L5 (2009-2015)

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