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We put a lot of dedication, expertise, and time into developing our dguard® eCall system because, as passionate motorcyclists, we know the dangers that bikers are exposed to. Your safety and that of your motorcycle are close to our hearts – this is why we brought the first motorcycle emergency call system to market that can be used as an anti-theft alarm at the same time.

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A lone rider who crashes in a sparsely populated area might be unable to make an emergency call and has to wait to be found by someone who just happens to be passing by. Even when travelling in a group, time is often lost in a worst case scenario because the exact location cannot be sent to the rescue coordination centre. This is exactly where our retrofit emergency call system is used: If you get into trouble, you can summon emergency help yourself using the SOS button on your handlebars. However, dguard® is also fitted with highly sensitive sensors and, as an intelligent emergency call system, responds automatically when crash parameters are detected.

Here’s how the automatic motorcycle eCall works

Using the dguard® app, you can set and review all emergency call setting prior to beginning your trip. Once you start, the illuminated SOS button on your handlebars will tell you that the system is activated. The GPS antenna installed on your motorcycle constantly receives a GPS signal, and your current location coordinates are sent to the dguard® cloud. In parallel to that, the SIM card installed in the dguard® module is permanently registered on the mobile network. The system has standard coverage throughout Europe using the Telekom network. If this is not available, dguard® automatically uses a different mobile network.

During your ride, the sensors built into the dguard® module recognize all significant data relating to your current lean angle, direction, location, speed, and the motion of your motorcycle. The data are analysed by an algorithm in no time at all to reliably detect a crash.

Shortened response chain

The eCall system detects a crash within seconds and reliably sends an automatic SOS signal. This reaches the nearest rescue coordination centre using the mobile network: The emergency responders receive a voice message in the national language of the country in which you are currently travelling. The statement concludes by repeating your current location three times.

If reception is not optimal, for example in a remote area or in a tunnel, your last recorded location is sent. If you previously specified in your settings that additional messages should be sent to persons whom you trust in the form of text messages or emails, these are likewise automatically sent at this time. If you have activated your Bluetooth connection and if you have a headset, emergency personnel can contact you personally.

Anti-theft Alarm

Motorcycles are generally fitted with nothing more than a steering lock or an immobiliser ex factory. One reasonable upgrade could be a brake disc lock or a chain lock. However, these types of security measures are awkward to manage since they must still be carried along and are only applied once you have parked. In contrast, dguard® is installed directly on your motorcycle, giving you anti-theft protection anywhere, all of the time.

How does the dguard® anti-theft alarm work?

As soon as the dguard® is installed on your motorcycle, you can use the accompanying app to configure your anti-theft system.

When you switch off your motorcycle’s ignition, the dguard® button will flash six times to show you that the anti-theft alarm system is switched on. As long as your motorcycle is not moved for at least 10 seconds after that, the monitoring system is armed.

The system has GPS location capabilities. If your motorcycle is moved, it is detected by the dguard® module and a GPS connection to the satellites is automatically established. The connection is created over the mobile network using the SIM card built into the module, and the data is sent to the dguard® cloud. You will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone via the app, containing the last location of your motorcycle. You can also adjust it so that, in the case of an emergency, an SMS is sent to you or to those you trust.

A further use of the anti-theft protection system is that you can easily query the latest location of your bike manually by using the app.

eCall App

All individual emergency notification settings can be managed through the eCall app.

You can manage all additional dguard® functions here as well, such as the anti-theft alarm, the “Find my bike” function, or the motorcycle travel log.

Touring Roadbook

For bikers, motorcycle tours in picturesque landscapes with exciting roads are special highlights of the year. There is anticipation just in planning the tour: Which is the most beautiful route to ride? Where are the most spectacular panoramas? What sights should you see no matter what? With the dguard® touring roadbook, none of the highlights of your travel route will be forgotten: Using GPS, the entire tour is recorded and captured on an interactive map in your dguard® app. Using various filters, you can easily edit the route display to your requirements- you can even let your friends and family at home participate in your trip.

Here’s how the dguard® touring roadbook works

Your dguard® system has already been installed and you have subsequently downloaded the app. Now, do you want to begin your motorcycle tour and record your route? Then select the touring log in your app and start recording manually – and let the fun begin.

You don’t need any complicated settings to allow your GPS reception to work correctly during the ride. The GPS antenna installed in your motorcycle is fitted with a GPS that has reception strong enough to measure the details of your tour and display them in your app. All tour data, such as:

  • Course
  • Speed
  • Stops
  • Elevation changes

Can be found on the map.

The data is saved in the dguard® cloud and thus is available for as long as you need. You can delete your tours at any time. Only you can access your tours using your personal account, unless you want to share your data. You can then easily share the tour recording you have edited via social media. This lets your friends and family virtually feel what you experienced on your trip in real-time.

Was your tour such a fantastic experience that you don’t want to deprive other motorcyclists of it? The dguard® touring roadbook offers a simple solution for that, as well: Thanks to the transferred GPS data, you can save your recorded route and make it available to others.

“Find My Bike” Function

The dguard® emergency call system offers much more than an eCall for motorcyclists or anti-theft protection. You can also use the system to find your motorcycle: If you are not in the immediate vicinity of your bike, you can locate it at any time from your remote location – this is optimal protection for your ride so you don’t have to worry about it. A single query via your app is all that’s needed for you to get the latest location coordinates of your motorcycle.

How does the “Find my bike“ function work?

One component of the dguard® system installed on your bike, along with the others, is a GPS antenna.

If your motorcycle is parked, the dguard® module goes into sleep mode, but can nevertheless still receive GPS signals using the antenna. The energy required for this is very small (less than 100 µA), which protects your bike’s battery and guarantees continued functionality.

If you then would like to find out where your motorcycle is located, you can easily query the location coordinates using the app. Simply select the “My dguard® system” in the app and navigate via “Show position” to “Query current position” in order to receive the latest location data for your motorcycle.

We are aware of the sensitivity of this topic: Not every motorcyclist is comfortable with implementing a system that collects and saves private data. However, we can assure you that data protection is our highest priority. All data such as GPS coordinates are accessible only by you via your personal account. In addition, you always have complete control over your data and can decide whom you share it with and how long you want to store it.

  • Protect Your Life
  • Using GPS data, dguard® is able to send your exact position to the rescue coordination centre in case of an emergency. If GPS reception is interrupted, at least your last position will be sent. If you are injured, dguard® ensures that you will receive assistance quickly.
  • Protect Your Bike
  • The GPS locating system is the solution for theft protection: If your motorcycle is moved by unauthorised persons, you will receive a silent alarm, together with the GPS coordinates of your motorcycle, directly on your smartphone. Thanks to continuous updating, you can trace the location where your bike is located.
  • Analyse Your Routes
  • If you use the dguard® touring log, all GPS data collected during your ride is shown in an interactive map. Based on data such as altitude changes, speed, or route, you can precisely analyse your tour and use the information to plan your next tour.
  • Experience Your Tours All Over Again
  • You can then enhance the route recording in your motorcycle touring log with all of the exciting experiences from your ride – and suddenly you have a very personal reminder of your most spectacular journeys, which you can share with friends anytime. One more thing: you can just transfer the data to your navigation device so that you can easily repeat the tour.

Proven Safety

Comprehensive testing phases were required to make dguard® capable of distinguishing between a crash and an extremely dynamic riding style. Before the eCall system became market-ready in 2016, the test team logged more than 60,000 kilometres on race circuits and roads in Germany, Austria, Spain, Scandinavia, USA, and South Africa. This is how we can guarantee that our product will work, even in the most extreme conditions.

Crash tests carried out at DEKRA

The independent testing organisation DEKRA tested the retrofit motorcycle eCall system in April 2015. Various crash scenarios were examinated at the Crash Test Centre in Neumünster in order to observe crash detection. In all scenarios in which crashes with passenger vehicles and other vehicles were simulated, the reliability of the dguard® technology was impressive: The system is crash-proof up to 300 G. Since then, dguard® has reliably completed more than half a million kilometres on public roads worldwide.

Comprehensive test phases: Extreme sports and everyday riding

Enduro rider Paul Rossbach has tested dguard® since 2014 in various stages of development with the goal of making motorcycling safer.

The Enduro Junior European Champion tested the automatic emergency call system for motorcycles in competition conditions and trained with the eCall system in order to provoke extreme situations that would have been too dangerous or impossible on public roads.

The Berger family, owners of digades GmbH and other test riders from the dguard® community continue to comprehensively test the eCall system as before, on three continents.

This includes acceleration and braking behaviour, cornering, and driving behaviour at high speeds. The metrics and test data obtained during ride conditions form a stable basis for dguard®.


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