Billet Foot Pedals Adjuster Kit


2CR-FRSET-20-00 – Blue

Kit with lightweight and high-strength foot pedals that replace the originals and allows you to alter their position to match your riding position.

  • High quality machined adjuster for ultra light weight
  • Quick shifter support in both shifting patterns
  • No free play thanks to bearing journals with light and smooth operation of rear brake and gear shift pedal
  • Provides optimal footpeg position by combination of sliding and rotary adjuster
  • Exclusive and dedicated design for Yamaha by Gilles.Tooling
  • Carbon heel guards
  • 20 step, high-precision adjustments possible
  • Compatible with standard exhaust bracket

Please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery



  • YZF-R1 2020
  • YZF-R1M 2020

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