Belt Monkey – Motorcycle Belt Tensioning Tool

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Precise belt tension first time, every time.

Belt driven motorcycles require the correct drive belt tension to ensure moving components are not over stressed, while providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Achieving the correct tension setting can often take numerous measurements and adjustments while taking up a lot of time.

Belt Monkey has been designed to eliminate the need for countless measurements and adjustments by achieving the correct belt tension first time, every time. Our tool enables riders to tension their belt quickly and with ease. The simplicity of our product means that you are comfortable maintaining your bike yourself, regardless of experience.

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About Chain Monkey

Innovative Designs. Precise manufacture.

Tru-Tension designs, manufactures, and sells a range of high-quality maintenance solutions. All their products are designed to withstand regular use while maintaining affordable prices. There is nothing quite like leading products, the Tru-Tension Chain Monkey and Belt Monkey, on the market. Patent protected, their innovative designs have helped motorcycle and motorsport enthusiasts across the globe achieve precise chain and belt tension.

Tru-Tension also design and formulate high performance lubricants and cleaning products to keep all moving components and bodywork in the best condition for reduced wear and increased performance.

Our products are right for all levels of enthusiast, whether you are an inexperienced rider, a daily commuter, or a competitive racer.


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