Quad Lock

Quad Lock, pay attention to the things that count – design and durability. Their products withstand extreme weather, falls, and impact.

Featuring a patented dual-stage locking mechanism and secure mounts tailored to your activity. From bikes to boats, all you need to remember is this – these are products that do what they say they will.

Quad Lock 360 allows customers to build a mount to suit their active lifestyle. With over 200 different combinations, customers are now able to configure the perfect mount for their specific application, such as boating, kayaking, aviation, music, and off road activities to name a few.

Quad Lock consists of a Base, an Arm (optional) and a Head. Users can also incorporate a Vibration Dampener if necessary or USB Charger if they want to charge their device and the Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head is not a suitable option.

Each component is sold separately, allowing for full customisation and selection of HEAD, ARM, BASE and ACCESSORY parts suitable for your chosen application.

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