Arrow’s commitment to racing and motorsports gave enthusiastic results in the last years: more than 40 World Titles in many different classes, to which we can add all the victories Arrow got in local and National races. The quest for higher performance, better materials and unique style had an unquestionable effect on production. Nowadays Arrow is capable in design, development, testing and production of exhaust systems for sportbikes, streetbikes, off-road bikes, tourer / cruisers, scooters and maxi-scooters. A very big share of the products is available in a street legal version, following European standards, in close connection with the most important certifications agencies in Europe. With the strength given by a 30-years-long background, experience and knowledge, Arrow is facing today markets’ challenges trying to take all the opportunities that these challenges offer. The Company looks beyond, a young Company marching to the future, with enthusiasm and energy. This makes Arrow a market leader and a benchmark.